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How To Form an LLC

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

After extensive research and speaking with your business attorney and accountant, you have determined that an LLC is the appropriate type of entity for your business, now you just need to form it. Form your LLC by following these steps:

1. Decide which state you would like to file your LLC in. Certain states have advantages over others, such as tax advantages, flexible filings, and more LLC options. You must always either file in the state in which you are operating or register as a foreign LLC in the states in which you are operating.

2. Choose an available business name that complies with your chosen state’s LLC requirements.

3. File the state required formal paperwork, usually called Articles of Organization and pay the state filing fee. The fee varies from state to state.

4. Draft an LLC Operating Agreement. The Operating Agreement describes how your LLC is organized and operated. It sets out the rights and responsibilities of the LLC’s members and or managers. Some states also require you to publish a notice of your intent to form an LLC.

5. Obtain all licenses and permits that may be required for you to operate your business.

For filing a California specific LLC, please see the following article. Please note that each state typically requires LLC members to make annual filings and pay the appropriate fees in order to maintain good standing within the state.

O’Neill Tran Law is happy to help you file your LLC today. Please contact us at to speak with an attorney today.

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